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The search for non-toxic cosmetics

Jane Iredale
Posted by on March 29, 2011

Through a friend of my husband’s I was passed a sample of some Arbonne products. I tried them without doing any research first. To be honest, the products work very nicely. I like them. The trouble is whether I should be using them.

I pride myself on being as “nourishing” to my and my family’s body, mind and soul as possible. The foods we eat are the best quality (pastured, fermented, cultured, free of GMO’s, raw…you get the point), why would I want to stop there? I googled is Arbonne safe: I got lots and lots of damaging reports back.

This post is not out to bash any company, sorry if it seems to be going that direction: however, it seemed it was quite challenging to discover the true ingredients in the products, and once you found them…oh, boy. My spider senses prickled right up, and I’m quite convinced I’ll no longer be using (or buying) the products.

So which products do you use? I have seen on many real food blogs the company Miessence, which gets a great rating on Skin Deep (a great site to check the safety of many cosmetics and skin care items). There seem to be some people not very fond of the site, but those are probably the same folks that think MSG is “safe”.

I have, however, had the good fortune of using Jane Iredale cosmetics. After checking them out on Skin Deep, I breathed a sigh of relief on their very high marks!! They are down in the ones and twos on all products except their sunscreen (won’t be buying that). The lower the rating the better and Miessence gets the same ratings.

My daughters and I use Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Powders, eyeshadows, blushes and lipglosses. Love, love, love them all! They go on beautifully, their color palette is very flattering and the fact that they are non-toxic, truly safe products makes them a win-win in my book!

The Pure Pressed Powder goes on so smoothly and makes your skin look lovely. I have some rosacea going on (too much fair skin in the bloodline, LOL) and the powder covers it quite nicely, while feeling totally natural and light as air. Apparently, it is the best makeup for allowing the skin to breathe, too.

I highly recommend the products, and if you wind up buying them, hope you will buy it using these links. Blogging is lots of work for almost no pay. When you buy a product through my site, you are basically giving me a small tip without taking a dime out of your pocket.

I only recommend products that I personally use and love.

What beauty lines do you suggest? Love to hear about it!


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12 Responses to The search for non-toxic cosmetics

  1. Shu Han

    Thanks! that was really helpful!

    • nourishingnancy

      You’re most welcome!! I’ve found another company I’m getting very good vibes about. Will post asap!

  2. Doriorio

    Hi, Nancy

    I have done a lot of research and came to the same conclusion about Arbonne. Unfortunately, tons of companies proclaim to be all-natural and nontoxic, but, by my definition, they really aren’t. In addition to the EWG database, I recommend two other reliable sources: The Healthy Beauty project (celebrity makeup artist Todra Payne is the publisher) and Bubble and Bee (founder Stephanie Greenwood’s Chemical of the Day blog is very good).

    On a totally unrelated note, check out for some incredible pet supplements. I wrote a blog post on the success I’ve had with my little dog, who has congestive heart failure.


  3. I WIlkerson

    I use the EWG (Skin Deep) ratings religiously to select the products I sell in my store. I know the system isn’t perfect but it seems like the easiest alternative to a Ph.D. in biochem. I also like a lot of the handmade artisan products that are made with TLC and carefull attention to all of the issues.

    • nourishingnancy

      I’ve been checking that site out a lot lately. It’s a great resource. I also found organic What kind of store do you have?

  4. Erin

    I’m a total beauty junkie, but extremely picky about clean products.
    As far as makeup goes, I use RMS Beauty “Un”CoverUp (a foundation/concealer) and Lip-To-Cheek. RMS is a makeup artist’s line and all the products are made with 100% raw/living ingredients. They’re pricey but super concentrated and last a long time.
    I also use Coleur Caramel concealer under my eyes (where I need something a little heavier;) and I use Jenulence loose pwd. Jenulence is a mineral makeup company with clean products and great prices. If I use mascara, I use Jane Iredale. I use various brands of mineral eyeshadows. I get a lot of my products from

    As for skincare, I like Red Flower’s “Nature” line- I use the oil/serum and Phyto cleanser/mask. If I have a blemish that needs treating, I use Nelson Bach Clean and Pure blemish treatment (homeopathic).
    For a clay mask, I mix green illite clay and matcha pwd 1:1. If I want it to be exfoliating, I add a few dissolved uncoated plain aspirin tablets (they contain salicylic acid).
    For facial sunscreen, I LOVE Pratima’s Neem Vetiver sunscreen. It’s light, not too white and uses only zinc- no titanium. It’s good under makeup and doesn’t make me break out.

    • nourishingnancy

      Hey Erin, thanks for all the great info and links to alternative cosmetics. I noticed you mentioned titanium dioxide. I did some googling to get a better handle on it, because I am currently working on my own line of lip gloss. Trying to keep things as natural as possible, I am using only ingredients that are considered safe by many sourced. TD seemed to be safe as long as it is not in nano particle/ultrafine size. Here’s an article written by one company that seems quite well researched , and then I looked on (which seems to be the reference bible concerning cosmetics), it too referenced nano particle sunscreen being the ingredient to watch. Love to hear more thoughts on this.

      • Erin

        Hey Nancy! I’m not worried about any toxicity issues with titanium; it’s more an issue of zinc being superior when it comes to blocking ALL the UV rays (titanium is less effective at blocking UVA long rays, which are the culprit behind sun exposure induced lines and wrinkles (whereas UVB is what causes burning).

        So, it’s more a matter of me wanting to minimize facial wrinkles;) I also work on my skin from the inside-out with Biosil silica, NAG (also great for gut lining healing) and Neocell collagen pwd:-)

        • nourishingnancy

          Oh, that’s good to hear, Erin. I’ve been working on my own lip gloss line, and the titanium issue has come us across the internet. Titanium dioxide is non-toxic…as long as it’s not a nano particle size–which I will not be using. Zinc is definitely a very strong sunblock, however. Do you really believe all that about the sun, though? I tend to think that humans need sun, but to just be careful not to burn. The sun makes you feel good, delivers Vitamin D and, besides, the sunscreen companies and derms are just out to promote their fear inducing sales techniques.
          Thanks for all the info on your supplements.

  5. Charlotte

    I use EWG’s Skin Deep ALL the time to check things, too! It was my lifesaver when I started doing things more naturally. My favorite natural make-up is Everyday Minerals. I’m on a tight budget, staying home with three small kids and no money for splurges. This brand is natural, but only available through their website, so no advertising or marketing costs — it’s less than $5 for most things! I really love the foundations, eyeshadows, lip tints and blushes. For three years they’ve been great!

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